Keep your vision healthy, at any age, with ‘eye care tips’


Keep your vision healthy, at any age, with ‘eye care tips’

Today, eyes are overused; mostly dedicated to multiple screens - from working with computers, watch Youtube and TV, scrolling Facebook feeds, chats, stock trading to online shopping. Eyes are often overexposed and exhausted from the blue light that causes eye strain, dryness, pain or, in the worst case, macular degeneration.

Here are useful tips to protect your eyes from AIA Vitality.

  1. Blink more often to prevent dry eyes or use artificial tears to keep eyes lubricated.
  2. Place the computer in a proper spot. If there are windows nearby, locate it beside the windows to reduce reflect. The center of the screen should be 4-9 inches below eye level, not set too high or too low.
  3. Choose the right eyeglass lenses that can filter blue light. A green lens offers comfort and reduces reflects from screens.
  4. Give eyes a break every hour. During the interval, stay active with some stretching so your eyes can relax, Change of position can also prevents muscle pain and trigger fingers, etc.
  5. Eat healthy. Food rich in Omega-3 is recommended as well as leafy green, salmon, tuna, egg, beans, plant-based proteins and sour fruits or juice high in vitamin C. 
  6. Wear protective sunglasses that can protect your eyes from UVA and UVB, cataracts and macular degeneration. Avoid wearing contact lenses longer than 19 hours which could cause a permanent loss of eyesight. 

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