Can fingerroot ward off Covid-19?


Can fingerroot ward off Covid-19?

Fingerroot is an herb indigenous to South East Asia. Commonly used in traditional cuisine such as in jungle curry or stir-fried with choices of meat. Its rhizomes contain uniquely aromatic properties that can well compliment meat dishes. Fingerroot possesses many medicinal benefits. It can relieve abdominal discomfort and inflammation, nurture cardiovascular system and promote brain function as well as tackle bones deterioration. Its efficacy also covers lowering blood pressure, promoting aphrodisiac health and stimulating urine production.

Thais has long been using fingerroot for culinary purposes and medicinal benefits. The herb has recently been in the spotlight for its potential to treat Covid-19. According to the collaborative research between Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University and Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (Public Organization), test-tube experiment of fingerroot extract could effectively inhibit the infection on laboratory-grown respiratory tissues, thanks to its key compound Panduratin A. However, the test result was conducted primarily on the test-tube basis, research on its effectiveness to living organism is still limited.

Consumption of medicinal herbs to prevent or lower the risk of Covid-19 infection still has insufficient research results and not scientifically proven. Intake of local medicinal plants is to be taken with caution. Fingerroots can still be consumed safely on everyday basis, as ingredient in dishes, juice extract on the condition that the consumption is at proper amount and not successively. The recommended dosage is still unclear. Some traditional Thai medicine practices recommend not to consume fingerroot consecutively more than 7 days as it is considered having heating effects which can trigger mount ulcer. Over consumption can also lead to gum recession and palpitation.

In case of the need to take concentrated fingerroot extract or any other concentrated herb extract, it is recommended to consult physicians or experts. Extra cautions should be taken for patients with liver and kidney disorder, pregnant women and patients on medication for congenital diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes to avoid counter-effects and health risks.

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