Sleep. We take it for granted. But it can have a profound positive impact on both your health and outlook. And the people around you will certainly benefit from it too. Here's 9 surprising benefits of a good night's sleep

Turn that B into an A with more ZZZ

Your mind memorises and stores information while you’re asleep. #OneMoreHour of sleep can help you learn better.

Better Sleepers are Quicker Thinkers

#OneMoreHour of sleep can help you be less forgetful, improve your focus and increase your attention span. 

To be quicker on your feet, stay fast asleep. 

#OneMoreHour of sleep can be just as important for an athlete as training. That’s because your body repairs itself at night. 

Gain sleep to lose weight 

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, sleep can be just as important as diet and exercise. Get #OneMoreHour to help improve your metabolism.

One more hour turns sleep into beauty sleep.

Who needs expensive night creams? A good night’s sleep helps you achieve that rested glow for free.

Hit the sack to beat the flu.

#OneMoreHour of sleep boosts your immune system. Which means less time off work and sick days for the kids. 

One more hour means you shine when you rise. 

Most people say they wake up feeling tired. But one more hour of sleep helps boost your mood and energy. 

Sweet dreams can lower your risk of diabetes.

Diabetes may be on the rise. But there are two simple ways to reduce it: cut back on sweets and get #OneMoreHour of sleep. 

Love sleep. It’s good for the heart. 

Getting #OneMoreHour of sleep can help keep your heart strong and regulate your blood pressure. 




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