How to buy fitness device with up to 25% discount?

Fitness devices can help you improve your health with their abilities to set exercise goals and measure physical performance from heart rates, running distance, walking step counts and various other functions. That's why AIA Vitality wants to help you save on fitness devices by offering up to 25% discounts for Garmin and Fitbit devices. AIA Vitality members can buy them via our website by following these simple steps!

First, turn off the pop-up blocking system on your device, so that the retailer's website can be opened in the new window.

You can turn off pop-up blocker, from phone setting or browser setting. See above for instructions for Google Chrome and Safari. 

Now let’s begin the buying process!

Log in to AIA Vitality Account
1. Go to and select "Login".

2. Login to your AIA Vitality account.

3. Select the "Menu Bar" on the top right corner, then select "Improve Your Health", followed by "Fitness Devices".

4. Select "Read More" under your desired brand.

5. Scroll down the screen to the Get Started section and select "Start Shopping". If the shopping page does not show, check that the pop-up has been turned-off in phone setting or browser setting.

Start shopping Fitbit

Buy Fitbit with up to 25% discount

1. Browse through the product display and select your preferred model.

2. Select "BUY NOW"

3. Choose your preferred color and select "Add to cart".

4. Select "View cart".

5. Review your order, select shipping method, then select "Proceed to checkout". If you select self-collection, you must pick up your Fitbit at Ban Leong Chin Inter Co,m Ltd. at Rama 9 Rd., Bangkok. 

6. Fill in your details, billing address and shipping address then select "Proceed to PayPal".

7. Proceed your payment either with your PayPal account or credit card.

8. Complete your payment details, click "Accept PayPal Privacy Policy" and click "Pay Now".

Start shopping Garmin


Buy Garmin with up to 20% discount

1. Browse through the product display and select your preferred model.

2. Choose your preferred color and select "Add to cart".

3. Select the shopping cart button on the top right corner, then select "Checkout".

4. Review your order, then select "Checkout".

5. Fill in your billing and shipping address, then select "Save".

6. Choose your preferred address, then select "Ship to this address".

7. Select shipping method, then select "Next".

8. Complete your payment, review your order, and wait for the device to be delivered.

>>> How to Create AIA Vitality Login Account

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