Active Challenges

Active Challenges

Enjoy Active Challenge and get Active Reward

Challenge yourself by hitting the bi-weekly Active Challenge exercise goal personalised to you, up to 26 challenges each membership year. Plus! AIA Vitality Plus members choose the active rewards of your choice when overcoming the target. That’s worth more than 1,300 baht each membership year.

Bi-weekly goal varies depending on your exercise frequency and intensity.
Duration for each challenge is 2 weeks, starting on Monday 00:00 and ending on the second next Sunday at 23:59 pm. You must sync the workout data by Wednesday after the cycle ends.
Reward get 1 voucher to redeem for an active reward of your choice when you hit the goal.


3 steps to hit the active challenge goal and get active reward


Link fitness app or join our partner gym

Link the AIA Vitality application with a compatible fitness app or device or join our partner gym at special rate.


Earn exercise points

Workout to earn points and hit the goal. Continue to workout and earn active rewards even after collecting the max 15,000 exercise points.


Ge active rewards

AIA Vitality Plus members enjoy active rewards for achieving the active challenges.

Not an AIA Vitality Plus member? Simply upgrade via the AIA Vitality app.

AIA Vitality Plus


How to redeem active reward

1. Redeem your voucher before the “Use by” date from the Rewards menu. Tab “Vouchers” to start redeeming.

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