Advanced Screening

Advanced Screening

Earn 1,000 Vitality points for each eligible advanced screening

Advanced screening allows you to detect serious illnesses earlier, so as to increase the chance of cure and recovery. You can earn Vitality points from submitting your screening results.

Advanced screening includes:
Points earn 1,000 Vitality points for each screening. The maximum points may vary for each member depending on age and gender.
Frequency earn points once per membership year for each screening. For pap smear, you will earn 1,000 Vitality points in the current year and the following two consecutive membership years.
Claim points within 6 months.


* Members ages 45 – 49 years old, please submit your proof of the FOBT check-up by email to


Where to get Advanced Screening?

  1. AIA Vitality Health Check Network hospitals get exclusive rates of health check packages at the participating hospitals.
  2. Any hospitals and clinics.

Submit the proof such as a health report, medical certificate, or receipt with your full name, hospital or clinic name, and date via the AIA Vitality application to claim points.

How to claim points from Advanced Screening

1. Go to “Assessments” tab, choose “Advanced Screening”


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