Basic Health Screening

Basic Health Screening

Earn up to 6,000 points/membership year from basic health check

Get your body checked regularly to know your health status and take better care of it. Early health risks identification can help prevent critical illnesses. Earn up to 6,000 Vitality points per membership year by submitting your health check results to claim points.

Basic health screening includes 4 basic key indicators:
Points earn 750 Vitality points for each screening and an additional 750 points for each result within the healthy range up to 6,000 points each membership year.
Frequency earn points once per membership year. If any results are not within the healthy range, you can improve your health, get your health checked again, and submit the healthy result to earn a maximum of 6,000 points.
Claim points within 6 months.


Where to get Basic Health Screening?

  1. AIA Vitality Health Check Network hospitals get exclusive rates of health check packages at the participating hospitals.
  2. Boots get FREE health check on 3 health indicators including BMI, blood pressure and random glucose at participating Boots stores. See Boots branches
  3. Any hospitals and clinics.

Submit the health report with the health results, your full name, hospital or clinic name, and date via the AIA Vitality application to claim points.


How to claim points from Basic Health Screening

1. Go to “Assessments” tab, choose “Basic Health Screening”


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