Claim points from health check, advanced screenings and vaccinations

Not only having health checkup can tell about your overall health status, it also helps you earn more AIA Vitality points and move to higher status so you can enjoy higher rewards quicker. You can easily claim points from health check, advanced screenings and vaccinations by yourself via AIA Vitality app.

Eligible Health Check, Advanced Screenings, Preventions and Vaccinations for AIA Vitality Points

AIA Vitality Health Check: get up to 6,000 points/membership year

Earn 750 AIA Vitality Points for each test in the AIA Vitality Health Check and an additional 750 points for each result within the healthy range.

If any of the health checks is not within the healthy range, you can improve your health and resubmit the healthy result to earn maximum points.

Advanced Screenings, Preventions and Vaccinations: get 1,000 points/screening & prevention

Earn more points from health checkups by having advanced screenings, preventions and vaccinations. You will get 1,000 points per screening and prevention.


Claim points from health assessments via AIA Vitality app is easy

You can visit any hospitals for health assessments and claim AIA Vitality points by submitting proof of your results via AIA Vitality mobile app. Simply attach a photo of the results issued by the healthcare provider showing your first name, last name, date of examination and the results of health assessments you are claiming the points for.

  • Health Check: The results should include weight, height, blood pressure, glucose and total cholesterol.
  • Advanced Screenings, Preventions and Vaccinations: Medical certificate or receipt with assessments details can be submitted.
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Now that you know how to earn points from health assessments, book your doctor visit to know your health status and claim AIA Vitality points. With health check-up, online assessments, and physical activity, a Gold or Platinum status is within your reach.


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