Partner Gym Visit

AIA Vitality has a network of gyms at which members can take charge of their health with a discount up to 50%. Members can also earn exercise points when visiting our partner gyms. 

Members will earn 100 points/day when visiting our partner gyms at Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, Absolute You and ABSolute Gym by linking your AIA Vitality Account to our partner gym(s) and show your AIA Vitality membership card everytime you visit our partner gym. 

And if you participate in more than 1 physical activity in one day, the points that you earn will be from the physical activity that earns you the highest points.

Partner gym benefits

Fitness First

Get up to 50% off gym membership fee


Absolute You

Extra 10% discount on top of the studio promotion


Celebrity Fitness

Enjoy up to 40% discount for gym membership fee


ABSolute Gym

20% for the annual membership


Apart from earning exercise points from visiting our partner gyms, there are other types of physical activities from which AIA Vitality members can earn up to 15,000 points/membership year. Click here to learn more

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Sleep Tracking

Earn 5 Vitality Points per day, up to 1,830 points/membership year by tracking your sleep with a Fitbit or Garmin and sleep 7 hours or more