Fitness Test

Fitness Test

Find out how fit you are and earn up to 1,500 Vitality points/membership year

Know your fitness level by taking a fitness test at our partner gyms (even if you are not a fitness member) for FREE. Earn up to 1,500 Vitality Points if your results are in the healthy range.

Fitness test includes
Points earn 750 Vitality points for taking the Fitness Test and an additional 750 Vitality Points if the results are within the healthy range. You may also earn up to 3,000 Vitality Points from Basic Health Screening for BMI and blood pressure if you have not submitted the results within the membership year.
Claim points within 6 months.


3 steps to claim points from fitness test


Book an appointment at your desired gym.

Book an appointment for your Fitness Test at our fitness partners including ABSolute Gym, Celebrity Fitness, Fitness First,  Prodigy Sport Club or  Virgin Active via contact channels specified in the app.


Go for the test on the date, time and place as appointed.

Please follow the recommendations below to prepare for the test.

  • Avoid eating at least 90 minutes before the appointment.
  • Don’t smoke for at least 30 minutes prior to blood pressure being measured.
  • Avoid caffeine for up to 3 hours before the assessment.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours before participation in exercise.
  • Don’t exercise or perform strenuous physical activity on the day of the test.
  • Wear clothes suitable for exercise.

Submit your test results to earn points

Submit your test results with your full name, date, and place of assessment to claim points via a channel as specified in the application.



How to claim points from Fitness Test

1. Go to “Assessments” tab, choose “Face to Face” then tap "Fitness Test".

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