Health Check Overview

Get your health check regularly to know more about your health status and detect serious illness earlier. You can also earn more Vitality Points to achieve the higher status easier. Have your screening and vaccinations and don't forget to claim Vitality Point via our application.


Earn Vitality Points from Health Screening and Vaccinations


Basic Health Screening Earn up to 6,000 Vitality Points Earn 750 Vitality Points for each test and an additional 750 points for each result within the healthy range.


Advanced Health Screening Earn 1,000 Vitality Points/screening (Eligible screening depends on age and gender.)


Dental Screening Earn 1,000 Vitality Points/membership year


Vaccinations Earn 1,000 Vitality Points/vaccination (Eligible vaccination depends on age and gender.)


Vision Screening Earn 500 Vitality Points/membership year



Enjoy the rewards

Earn AIA Vitality points to upgrade your status to Gold (20,000+ points) and Platinum (30,000+ points) and enjoy greater rewards depending on your status. The benefits include 25% insurance premium discount, 100 baht major cineplex movie tickets, 50% discount on Fitness First membership and many more


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