Vitality Health Review Assessment

Knowing more about your overall health can gives you a good idea of your health status and a few pointers on where you could improve.  We would like to encourage you to complete Vitality Health Review (VHR) to find out your Vitality Age and earn 1,000 Vitality points/membership year. More points convert to higher status and greater benefits such as premiums discount up to 25%, AirAsia tickets discount up to 50% and many more…


What is AIA Vitality Age?

Vitality Age is a reflection of your overall health. through a series of questions about your health, lifestyle, and behaviours. The VHR can be completed via our application and website.

Completing via AIA Vitality Mobile Application

  1. Log in to AIA Vitality app 
  2. Click “How to Earn More Points
  3. Click “AIA Vitality Health Review
  4. Click “Start now
  5. Click “I agree, start now

Completing AIA Vitality Health Review via

  1. Log in to If you are using mobile website, click on three dashes icon on the top right to show dropdown menu.
  2. Click "Know Your Health"
  3. Click "Health Review"
  4. Scroll down and click "I agree, start now" to complete VHR

Earn more points and get closer to the next status!  Complete all online assessments and get up to 4,200 AIA Vitality points/membership year.

Start today to enjoy greater rewards!

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