Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Healthy food discounts and points

Eating well is the key to promote your overall health and well-being. Present your AIA Vitality card at check out to get a discount and earn points.

Buy participating healthy food at Tops and Central Food Hall
Save 15% up to 300 baht per month or up to 3,600 baht per membership year
Points earn 1 Vitality point from every 5 baht purchase up to 400 Vitality points per month or 4,800 Vitality points per year

Participating healthy food

  • Fresh vegetables:

    local and imported vegetables, organic vegetables, pre-packaged salad, mushrooms (excluding processed vegetables)
  • Fresh fruit:

    local and imported fruit, seasonal fruits, pre-packaged fruit (excluding processed and dried fruits)
  • Low-fat pasteurised milk

  • Fresh egg:

    all fresh eggs (excluding processed eggs)
  • Fresh fish:

    fresh fish (cut and whole, by weight, package), frozen fish (excluding all processed/ flavoured/ seasoned fish, sashimi, and smoked fresh fish)
  • Unpolished rice:

    brown rice, brown rice, riceberry, organic unpolished rice (excluding processed unpolished rice)

Present your card at checkout to save 15% and earn Vitality points

1. On Dashboard, expand the menu tray then tap “eCard” icon.

Save 15% on healthy food at our partner stores

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