Link & Sync Apple Health Application

Link your AIA Vitality application with Apple Health and earn up to 100 Vitality Points/day* from your daily steps You can earn up to 15,000 points/membership year. All you need is a smartphone with AIA Vitality Thailand application and link it with Apple Health (iOS version 8.0+) to track your steps and earn points each day.


Walk 7,500 steps            =      50 points/day*

Walk 12,500 steps           =     100 points/day*



How to Link Apple Health with AIA Vitality App

1. Click "My devices" from side bar menu.


You can also download and link other apps such as Strava which allow you to earn points from road running and cycling. If you are interested in purchasing a tracking device, log in to AIA Vitality app and get up to 25% discount on Fitbit and 20% discount on Garmin. Learn More



*If you participate in more than 1 physical activity in one day, the points that you earn will be from the physical activity that earns you the highest points. For example, if you participate in a 10 kilometer road running event and accumulate more than 12,500 steps in one day, you will be earn 450 points for that day from the 10 kilometer road running event, excluding the 100 points from the steps accumulation.


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