Link fitness devices

Link fitness devices

Track your exercise with support fitness apps or devices to earn up to 100 points a day

Start earning exercise points by simply linking your AIA Vitality app with a wide range of compatible fitness apps and devices. Sync your workout regularly so that you don’t miss earning points and rewards.

Points earn up to 100 points a day and up to 15,000 points per membership year when tracking your workouts with compatible fitness apps and devices.
Compatible trackers include


How to link & sync fitness apps with AIA Vitality

1. On Dashboard, tap “Fitness app” icon


Activities that earn you exercise points
  Steps per day
7,500 - 12,499
50 points
12,500 and more
100 points
  Average heart rate
60% max heart rate at least 30 min/session
50 points
60% max heart rate at least 60 min/session
100 points
70% max heart rate at least 30 min/session
100 points
Max heart rate = 220-age
  Average speed
4 km/hr for 30 min
50 points
7.2 km/hr for 30 min
100 points
4 km/hr for 60 min
100 points


  • You'll be awarded the highest exercise points from a single activity for the day.
    • (1) Workout tracking with fitness device (up to 100 points/day) or
    • (2) Exercise at a partner gym (up to 100 points/day) or
    • (3) Fitness events e.g. marathon (up to 1,500 points/day) 
  • The workout activities (e.g. steps, heart rate, speed) tracked by fitness devices/apps depend on the device models and features. Not all models tracks all workout activities.

 Fitness data tracked by the devices and apps that are compatible with AIA Vitality

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