Link & Sync Samsung Health Application

Link Samsung Health app, Samsung Galaxy Watch, or Samsung Gear on Android phone to earn Vitality points from exercise and sleep. (Android version 5.0+)

  • Earn up to 100 exercise points per day and up to 15,000 exercise points per membership year from Samsung Health app, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Samsung Gear.
    • Samsung Health app: earn points from daily steps
    • Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Gear: earn points daily steps, heart rate, speed, and calorie data.

How to earn exercise points

  • Earn 5 points per day and up to 1,830 points per membership year from tracking your sleep with Samsung Galaxy Watch, or Samsung Gear linked with Samsung Health app and sleep 7 hours or more.


How to Link Samsung Health with AIA Vitality App

1. Select menu and scroll down to select "My devices"



*If you participate in more than 1 physical activity in one day, the points that you earn will be from the physical activity that earns you the highest points. For example, if you participate in a 10 kilometer road running event and accumulate more than 12,500 steps in one day, you will be earn 450 points for that day from the 10 kilometer road running event, excluding the 100 points from the steps accumulation.


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