Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition Consultation

Earn up to 2,000 Vitality points/membership year for face-to-face nutrition consultation

Get a comprehensive view of your dietary habits from nutrition specialists to eat better and earn up to 2,000 points a membership year.

Points earn 1,000 Vitality Points per completion, up to 2,000 points per membership year. You will earn up to 2,500 points/membership year for doing both the online "How Well Are You Eating?" assessment and face-to-face consultation.
Frequency earn points twice a year, six months apart.
Claim points within 6 months
Document such as medical certificate or receipt with nutrition consultation details, your full name, hospital or clinic name, and date.


Where to get nutrition consultation?


How to claim points for Nutrition Consultation

1. Go to “Assessments” tab, choose “Face to Face” then tap “Nutrition Consultation”



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