Fitness events

Fitness events

Earn up to 1,500 points/day from participating in organized fitness events

A little competition occasionally is good for motivating you to stay active. Take part in a fitness event organized by an official body and earn Vitality points by submitting your results via AIA Vitality app.

Points earn up to 1,500 points/day from participating in organized fitness events such as road running, cycling and triathlons or virtual run. You can claim points once per event.
Claim points in 30 days


How to claim points for participating fitness events

1. On Challenges tab, tap on “Take part in a fitness event”

Eligibale Fitness Events

Types os Sport Vitality Points
Road Running
5-9 km 150 points
10-21 km 450 points
21.1-42.1 km 900 points
42.2 km or above 1,500 points
Road Cycling
15-24 km 150 points
25-49 km 450 points
50-99 km 900 points
100 km or above 1,500 points
Off-road Triathlon
14-20.74 km 150 points
20.75-39 km 450 points
40-59 km 900 points
60 km or above 1,500 points





  • You'll be awarded the highest exercise points from a single activity for the day. Earn up to 15,000 exercise points each membership year from activities including
    (1) Workout tracking with fitness device (up to 100 points/day) or
    (2) Exercise at a partner gym (up to 100 points/day) or
    (3) Fitness events e.g. marathon (up to 1,500 points/day)

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