Sleep Tracking

Sleep Tracking

Sleep to earn points

Getting good, quality sleep is good for your health. As a bonus, you can track your sleep to earn points too!

Sleep at least 7 hours (noon to 11.59 am)
Points 5 points/night, up to 1,830 points/year
Frequency daily


3 steps to earn up to 1,830 points per membership year from your sleep


Buy a compatible sleep tracking device

Choose a Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch or Samsung Gear models that support sleep tracking.


Link and sync sleep data with AIA Vitality app

Link your device with its supporting app and share sleep data to AIA Vitality app.


Sleep 7 hours or more a day

Wear your device to sleep. Your daily sleep hour counts from noon to 11.59 am the next day.

Fitness devices that earn you sleep points

  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • Apple Watch download Pillow, Sleep++ or Sleep Watch from App Store, and share your sleep data to Health app
  • Samsung Galaxy

Note: Points are awarded based on the data tracked by your device. Not all models track sleep.


How to link devices to earn sleep points

1. On Dashboard, tap “Fitness app” icon.

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