Personal Medical Case Management

Reach Gold or Platinum status to access a free Personal Medical Case Management by Medix

Vitality Benefits

All members

Free services
Exclusively for all members holding AIA Vitality integrated policy with Gold or Platinum status, receive "Personal Medical Case Management" consultation by Medix for 3 types of diseases including:

1. Cancer or suspected cancer
2. Cardiovascular diseases
3. On-going Orthopedic diseases experienced during a period of at least 90 days

How to enjoy your benefits

Contact Medix for Personal Medical Case Management

Eligible persons must have been diagnosed with the diseases within the scope of Medix services by at least one medical specialist.

Eligible persons can initiate the services from Medix by contacting Medix Call Center between 9.00 - 18.00 hrs. on Monday to Friday with free of charge.
    Medix Call Center: 02 026 8717

Need to know

About Medix

Medix is a global and leading provider of innovative, high quality, medical case management from diagnosis through recovery. Medix’ team is comprised of in-house doctors alongside nurses, medical admin, research teams and a quality accredited global network of over 4,000 specialists and 2,000 leading hospitals.

Personal Medical Case Management by Medix includes: 
• Access to the world's leading specialists.
• Revision of the diagnosis and referral for additional diagnostic tests.
• Recommendation for treatment and supervision of its implementation. 
• Providing on-going medical support for a minimal period of three months. 
• A dedicated customer service center available 24/7 (except on holidays).

Terms and conditions
• AIA Vitality members must acheive Gold or Platinum status upon the date of receiving the service.
• The eligibility to receive the service is according to the terms and conditions as agreed between AIA and Medix. The terms and condition and scope of services may be changed without prior notice.
• Some services provided by Medix may incur an additional cost.
• AIA will only release your medical history to Medix, upon receipt of the Service Acceptance Form and Confidentiality Waiver Form that has been signed by you.
• Please contact Medix for a complete detail of the scope of the services.  

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